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High Performance 2-Channel Audio

Custom Electronics' history is rooted in two-channel audio.

Also known as stereo, two-channel audio may seem dated to some. Yet, a high performance stereo system is never out of style to those who find music reproduction a primary source of enjoyment.

Custom has been mixing and matching various brands of products to yield optimum performance since 1967. Many of the components we have sold over the years have become classics.

Extensive Collection

At Custom Electronics, we sell an extensive collection of high performance stereo equipment that enables us to assemble systems whose performance exceeds the sum of the individual components.

So, if your interests are in the 2-channel audio music reproduction area, let us show you what can be done. We will work within your space, budgetary, and performance requirements to provide a system that will give you years of musical enjoyment.

Our equipment has found it's way into commercial spaces as well as homes, and some of our speaker systems are being used by high-end amplifier manufacturers.

Turntables for Today

Vinyl playback is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. In fact, when you hear the difference between the sound delivered by a compressed digital file versus an uncompressed file, you will be amazed at what you may have been missing. We can easily demonstrate this in our store.

Visit our store today, and let one of our friendly Custom Electronics experts show you how much fun stereo really is.


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